Blue Button jelly surfaces on Goa beaches, people asked to be alert


Panaji: The lifeguards manning Goa beaches have cited blue button, which is a jelly-like marine organism, that can cause irrigation to human skin along the state’s coastline.

Drishti Marine Service, a lifeguarding service, in a press note issued here has confirmed the presence of Blue Button along the coastline of Goa.

“The  lifeguards spotted a cluster of Blue Button, a jelly-like marine organism which washed ashore on beaches in North and South Goa. Scientifically named Porpita porpita, or blue button, the marine organism resembles a jellyfish,” the spokesman of Drishti said.

The blue button sting is not powerful but may cause irritation to human skin. If spotted along the coast It is advised that one avoid touching the marine organism as it can cause irritation to the skin, he said.

Drishti Marine, the state-appointed professional lifeguard agency has advised locals as well as the tourist not to venture into the sea due to bad weather.

“Even wading into the waters is not advisable during the monsoon months as the sea and weather conditions are not favourable for swimming,” he added.